Voice of the Afghan People

On this day, as it stands, it has come to pass that we the People of Afghanistan have united by the Grace of Great God, under Universal Principles of Justice and the Common Good, such that the rights of every Afghan are preserved, and the dignity of our great Nation is secured.

While our journey has been difficult and full of hardship, we have now joined hands, as a people, as leaders of our communities, as youth and future leaders, as fathers and mothers, so that our children’s future is no longer defined by suffering, and that Afghanistan shines as a lighted jewel of nations.

We hold that every Afghan has been granted his and her rights by God whose Grace secures the dignity, equality and liberty of every man, woman, and child. These rights are granted as a Covenant between the Almighty Creator and his Creation. Every individual, every Afghan holds these rights, without exception.

We hold that all Governments derive their power from the choice of the Governed. Our leaders and officers many not abuse their duties and offices nor become derelict in their actions.

We understand that we have the right to form, change, and direct our Government, in accordance with Rule of Law, should it fail in its office. While we the people must take active role and engage our Government, we hereby declare that we will not abandon the progress achieved in the past two decades, and that we will no longer accept suffering as a way of life.