The historic Afghan Road Map for Peace (ARM4P) Campaign is the first initiative of its kind that takes a holistic and bottom-up approach promoting the voices of every Afghan, both in Afghanistan and globally, creating a truly peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan for current and future generations to come.

Over the last two decades, a multitude of strategies have been implemented in Afghanistan, yet the results have shown that the majority of those policies have proven to be failures. Leading by example, GNMA has unified a broad and diverse assembly of Afghans whose voices have been suppressed until now. We are requesting and relying on your support to help the Afghan people succeed in being heard.

We, the Grand National Movement of Afghanistan are committed to preserving the hard-won gains of the past, and to turning the tide toward a historic success for Afghanistan and the region.

We need your financial support

To collect, organize, write, print, distribute, and promote the historic Afghan Road Map for Peace (ARM4P) as the grassroots voice of the Afghan people.

To promote and advocate the message of ARM4P to the worldwide community and stakeholders through social media, educational platforms, conferences, and webinars.

Fund ARM4P

Financial contributions directly fund and support the drafting and production of the ARM4P. Please contact us directly and our Campaign team will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have to become part of this historic project.

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We are currently looking for volunteers to help fundraise, promote, and bring awareness to this project. We would love for you to join our team to help support this effort with your time and skills!

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Cause of the Problem and It's Effective Solution

At this difficult time, the people of Afghanistan are wondering what is next? They had many dreams for a prosperous Afghanistan, for a long-lasting peaceful and stable country without any external powers interferences. The past 20 years of corruption and mismanagement are something they know would be part of dark pages of the history of their country. After 40 years of wars and destruction, GNMA, as the voice of the Afghan people, is now the best supporter and champion for the Afghan people for a brighter future. GNMA is standing firm with the heroic people of Afghanistan toward peace and prosperity. 

For the first time in Afghanistan’s history, the largest gathering of political parties, civil societies, religious, cultural and social organizations, tribal councils, and thousands of independent religious and tribal elders and intellectuals, have all come together and formed the Grand National Movement of Afghanistan, around one axis and one Leadership Council. They have realized that Afghanistan, at this very moment faces its greatest challenges. They know that they have a moral and historic responsibility to do whatever is possible for the country to not go through under cycles of wars and destructions, and to engage with all those that want truly and honestly serve the Afghan people, strengthen their positive achievements, and help to establish a free and peaceful country, where the conditions for speedy development and a prosperous life for all its citizens are guaranteed.

GNMA’s grassroots movement and its leadership, represents the voice of the Afghan people, with full support from the Afghan people from all corners of the country, from remote villages to major cities. GNMA is mandated to assist to guide Afghanistan to overcome this difficult situation and to be instrumental in bringing the nation toward the path of a unification and reconciliation, and foster a true Islamic people ruled and system of governance, one which each Afghan has equal rights and responsibilities.

The ideals of the GNMA are engraved in the “Covenant” document of the Movement, and our mission is written in the Intellectual Foundations and the Principles of Activities of the GNMA. Please visit the About page to find out more…

What were the root cause of failures of the past 20 years in Afghanistan, and what are the solutions to this entrenched problem?


In order to move Afghanistan’s governance from a primitive, totalitarian, and regressive system to a more advanced form of democracy and governance, and in accordance with Islamic laws, these are the principles GNMA has focused on:


  1. Leveraging Innovative Master Mind
  2. Creating a Road Map for Peace
  3. Developing Effective Leadership
  4. Establishing Political Power
  5. Creating a National platform

Note: For a complete understanding of the root causes of the failures and their solutions, and for a deeper understanding of the Five Principles, please contact us for GNMA’s Preamble white paper on this subject matter.  You may contact us at, [email protected]

Friends of the Afghan Road Map for Peace

Farida Paienda, Salanik Momand, Qasim Tarin, Kimberly Kiel, Ross Smart, Ronald Lunasin