Support the voice of the Afghan people calling for unity and end to war!

Show your support by becoming part of the founding members of the Grand Movement by donating through the purchase of this especially commissioned artwork which will help us produce the historic Road Map for Afghanistan.

Our unwavering goal is to create a truly representative document expressing the voice of the people, which is funded by Afghans for Afghanistan.

Show your support by purchasing the artwork below.  The especially created art piece is signed by leaders of the GNMA, as well as the artist.  Your ownership of this artwork will serve as a symbol and a historic record of your contribution toward the Road Map, which we will formally present to stakeholders and friends of Afghanistan.

We will ship the artwork directly to you, wherever you are in the world.

دافغانستان د ولس غږ چه د یووالي غوښتونکي او د جنګ د سر ته د .رسیدو غږ دی ملاتړ وکړئ

تاسې خپل ملاتړ ددې لوی حرکت د هنري اثارو د اخیستو د لارې نه چه د افغانستان د تاریخي تګلارې د نقشې په جوړولو کې مرسته کو.وښای
زمونږ موخه د افغانستان د ولس د استازیتوب لپاره د یو واقعي سند جوړول دي چه د افغانانو په ذریعه د افغانستان لپاره جوړیږي.
په مننې سره لاندې اثارو په اخیستو سره زمونږ نه خپل ملاتړ وکړئ.
دا هنري اثار د افغانستان د ملي حرکت د رهبرانو او د اثارو د هنرمندانو له طرفه لاسليک شوی دی.
ستاسو ملکيت ددې هنري اثارو نه په نښه ایزه توګه ستاسو سهم د تګلارې په جوړولو کې ښایي چه مونږ یې د خپلو ګټه اخیستونکو او د افغانستان دوستانو سره شریکوو.
د نړئ په هر ځای کې چه یاست مونږ به دا هنري اثار تاسو ته مستقیمأ در استوو

از صدای برحق مردم افغانستان که خواهان اتحاد و پایان جنگ هستند، حمایت کنید!

حمایت خود را با عضویت در اعضای بنیانگذار حرکت بزرگ، با اهدا از طریق خرید این اثر هنری ویژه که به ما در تهیه نقشه راه تاریخی افغانستان کمک می کند، نشان دهید.

هدف ما ایجاد یک سند واقعی برای نمایندگی از صدای مردم افغانستان بوده که توسط افغان ها برای افغانستان ایجاد می گردد.

لطفا با خرید آثار هنری زیر حمایت خود را نشان دهید. این قطعه هنری توسط رهبران حرکت بزرگ ملی افغانستان و هنرمند اثر امضا گردیده است. مالکیت شما بر این اثر هنری به عنوان نمادی ازسهم شما در تهیه نقشه راه،

Afghan Shepherd Girl

Imagine the sacred star of peace
Rising over our beloved Afghanistan
Across green valleys and roaring rivers
Conquering tall mountains and vast deserts

Imagine the sons and daughters of Afghanistan
Holding hands together
Celebrating a land of peace and prosperity
Imagine in your heart and it will be so

Grand National Movement of Afghanistan 

Official Seal

Afghan Shepherd Girl

Commemorative Print by Iliad Terra

Commissioned by the Grand National Movement of Afghanistan as the inaugural print for launch for the Afghan Road Map for Peace (ARM4P).

The limited-edition art is printed as a museum quality giclee print on archival fine art paper, and packaged and shipped in acid free parchments to preserve it.

Each print is personally signed and numbered by the artist, Iliad Terra

Limited Edition Giclée Prints

08×11 inches print size, $250
16×22 inches print size, $600
26×36 inches print size, $1200

Portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Afghan Shepherd Girl Limited Edition print will go directly toward the drafting and production of the historic Afghan Road Map for Peace (ARM4P) being developed by the Council on Global Relation (CGR) in collaboration with the Grand National Movement of Afghanistan (GNMA), and Afghan subject matter experts and scholars who represent true and authentic views of Afghans from all across Afghanistan and the international Afghan diaspora.

Your purchase is tax-deductible under the 501c3 designation in the United States.  You will receive a tax-exempt receipt for your purchase of the historic Art for Cause production from CGR.

Shipping and handling is separate at checkout with our standard International and US rates.

We are grateful for your support of this highly important project for peace for the Afghan people.